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Photovoltaic kit

Fonten Solar Capital Italy srl, the Italian subsidiary of ENN Group, is specializes in providing integrated solar solutions. To achieve its goal it has prepared various products to meet the needs of all customer categories, whether it’s business, with the installation of large industrial plants for, or privates, through the offer of products for to residential use. Surely the flagship product for families, is represented by the Photovoltaic Kit, a set of high-quality and productivity components offered on the market at affordable costs thanks to the “do it yourself” installation guide for the customer that allows in a few steps to begin to enjoy the many benefits that solar photovoltaic plants offer.
Find out if you also have the opportunity to benefit from the advantages offered by a coverage with solar panels and take advantage of the convenience and simpleness of installation of our photovoltaic kits. Get now a quote for your photovoltaic system!


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ENN photovoltaic solar thin film panels

The ENN photovoltaic thin film modules are produced with environmentally friendly processes and contain only 1% of silicon material required for the classical crystalline silicon modules, using the most advanced technology for the production of thin film.

Key Features and Benefits:
– Process of sustainable production, without the use of toxic materials
– Available with or without integrated substructures
– Temperature coefficient lower than crystalline silicon, which means superior performance at high environmental temperatures
– The modules at higher voltage allow to reduce the wiring and reduce the loss of voltage
– ENN Solar offers a 2 years warranty on the materials and the module assembly
– A double junction technology which results in a higher efficiency of the modules
– Excellent performance at low light intensities and diffuse light conditions
– Better performance than crystalline modules on installations that deviate from the standard inclinations, making them ideal for roofs of industrial buildings and, more generally, for integrated systems
– Eco-friendly design, without the use of toxic materials
– Guarantee of power output of 90% after 10 years and of 80% after 25 years

All certifications (see p. 3 of the
industrial brochure)

Customized design for PV kits

ENN Solar ENN Solar has used the enormous experience gained in the course of its business, to create a range of photovoltaic kits that will allow all customers to take full advantage of solar energy, without having to worry about the choice of materials. We guarantee our clients in every part of the world that the kits meet all the standards and technical specifications of this sector, including the best photovoltaic solar panels, inverters, mounting systems and all other components for proper installation.


Customized solutions

ENN Photovoltaic solar kits are designed for installation on residential roofs or for use as small systems for commercial buildings. Each kit contains all the components necessary for the operation, including photovoltaic modules of the latest generation of the best brands (European or not) and a customized mounting structure.

Our kits are designed and manufactured with the goal of providing the safest, most reliable and easiest system to install. The ENN Solar photovoltaic kits offer an outstanding performance at exceptional prices, ensuring our customers a better return on investment. They can be installed on different roof types – including most of the tiled roofs and slate roofs.


Check out our Brochures: [button color=”green” size=”large or small” gradient1=”” gradient2=”” link=”http://www.ennsolar.com/download/PV%20Kits%20for%20residential-Italian.pdf” target=””]Residential brochure[/button] [button color=”green” size=”large or small” gradient1=”” gradient2=”” link=”http://www.ennsolar.com/download/PV%20Kits%20for%20commerciale-Italian.pdf” target=””]Industrial brochure[/button]

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“Because PV is always a good business!”

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