Solar thin film panels

The second generation of renewable energy plants, the thin-film photovoltaics.

The ENN Solar EST line is designed to offer thin-film photovoltaic solar panels of top quality, high performance and an excellent quality / price ratio, ideal for a wide range of applications based on the most advanced technology for the production of thin silicone films. In our warehouse in Perugia we have approx. 1 MW ready for delivery at an extremely attractive price and without coercion of minimum order quantities.

ENN Solar Photovoltaic solar panels are produced through environmentally friendly processes and use about 1% of the silicon material usually required by the crystalline silicon modules. By combining our advanced production with the experience of our technlogy team, we are committed to deliver consistently technological innovations, with the goal of making clean, renewable energy more accessible worldwide.

The ENN thin-film photovoltaic solar panels have three main advantages compared with traditional photovoltaic solar panels:
– A minor performance decrease over time (the coefficient of aging in thin-film PV is lower than in traditional photovoltaic);
– An increased conversion factor with scattered light that is reflected, therefore, in an higher overall yield under low irradiance conditions, haze spread in the presence of shadows or non ideal exposures;
– A higher yield where the radiation is high and likely to generate high temperatures, and where the average outside temperature is high enough to cause high operating temperatures of the modules. The crystalline silicon modules register, in such cases, a remarkable performance loss compared with those under the nominal conditions.

In conclusion, in areas where average temperatures are particularly high thin-film modules can have a more stable performance than the crystalline modules.

Easy to install, very aesthetic, because glass on glass, the photovoltaic solar panels ENN offer an eye-catching modern design.

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